Feedback like this is why I love doing custom work!

These copper heart pendants are always completely one of a kind due to the patina process I use.

An upcycled ear-cuff and one of my stainless steel Swarovski crystal captures makes a fantastical pendant.

I love playing around with rings some days and just creating pieces that I'll never make again.

My pop-culture scale earrings are some of my favorite things to work on. Hail Hydra

Earth, Air, Fire, Water. Hand engraved patina copper elemental pendants.

A crop of scalemaille flowers from the Tangled Earth Arts garden.

2800+ rings and about 15hrs of work went into this custom chainmaille snood for a client's Renaissance Faire garb.

Another fun custom order. I had to make one for myself afterwards because it just made me feel so powerful to wear!

Hand painted aluminum hearts
Suncatcher scales!
Nuka Cola and Nuka Cola Quantum earrings
Harry Potter House pendants
I really love finding unique focals
Snow Queen Necklace in stainless stee
These tiny scale earrings are so slinky
Just a few of the #bracelets I've been w